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Campagnolo memories Tavi Marian - Romania

First of all, I want to wish Happy anniversary to all Campagnolo costumers! My adventure on Campagnolo began this year, I got an awesome, rare bike, from my italian firend. The bike is equiped with Campagnolo record 8 and the wheels are Campagnolo Shamal. For me, Campagnolo means precision, mastery and quality.For me, riding a bike with Campagnolo, is like driving a Ferrari or an another italian car made with dedication and passion. My first ride with Campagnolo was memorable.I tought I was driving a Ferrari in the Alpes. The braking system it's unbelievable...every piece tells a story, you only must find that story and tell the others. What about the Shamal wheels?Well...I have no words to describe...

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