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Cycling is all about passion, real passion

"How can you do that?
How can riders do 21 stages facing extreme condiotions, due to fadigue and bad weather?
How can riders stay 6 hours ridiing against the wind, the rain or... the snow like GIovanni Visconti few days ago while he was climbing up to the Galibier.
This are amazing things, things that make enthusiasts also people that are not directly involved with cycling.
Because cycling is all about passion, tre passion."

This is the way Alfredo Martini begins his enotional speach ath the 80 Anniversary Event at the Campagnolo HQ.
He begins with a dedication to young people, to those that today like Bartali and Coppi, are a great example for everyone.

And in the meantime that Alfredo Martini is speaking, the room is sorrounded by the silence and champions like Alex Zanardi and Fabrizio Macchi are completely blocked with the same expression that a child has while listening to the night tale.

"Cycling is all about goals and gives up and this is not easy.
It's not easy for a young man to give up those "games" the life has for him. And here cycling become an example, for those who have to grow up and become your Tomorrow"

But the magic continues.
Alfredo Martini shows an old yellow piece of paper.
It 'a telegram sent by Tullio Campagnolo in 1978 to compliment his new role as coach of the Italian National Cycling Team.

"That man who came from the little family shop has always been a friend.
Just from that little family shop that later Tullio Campagnolo learned the basics that drove him to design and build the modern bicycle shifting system."

THe historic memories of Alfredo Martini have beena  great present for the 80 years of Campagnolo. The better way to start the journey across the history of Campagnolo,its products and the cycling world.

Thank you Alfredo Martini to be one of our special guests in this unforgettable day.

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